"Superbly orchestrated! The guides, the facilitators, the learning, the river, the mountains… magnificent!"

``One of the Most Profound and Exhilarating Personal Development Programmes on the Planet.``

– Jim McL

“I feel so different after The Wilderness Experience …people tell me so, too. I’m more alive, content, happy, focused, I feel more powerful as if the shell where I was holding back doesn’t exist anymore. I am so glad I went and that I have given myself the chance to blossom again.”

Claudia G

“I encourage you to do The Wilderness Experience. I did it last summer and it was one of the most beautiful and deep experiences of my life. It is still with me every day, and allows me to “drive” quite safely in my “dark.”

Catherine D

MacDonald's Surprise

Somewhere around 1992 I observed something about me in the darndest place–a McDonald’s restaurant in Sweden. I hadn’t been in a McDonald’s since about 1970. I used to be a vegetarian and usually eat pretty healthy food. But I was in a hurry, late to a seminar, hadn’t eaten, so I ducked into a McDonald’s near my hotel in downtown Stockholm (there were four of them within three blocks) thinking I’d grab some French fries to tide me over. On the menu they had a garden (vegetarian) burger. A GARDEN BURGER! what a surprise. It was GOOD! What a BIGGER SURPRISE! I’ll go back sometime.

I began wondering how many other positive surprises (and maybe big ones) I was missing because I’m letting my preconceptions, beliefs, judgments and habits stand between me and checking out new experiences.

My life has been pretty good. I love what I do, have a satisfactory variety and balance, and wonderful people and family around me. And when I look around I see that others could probably say the same. There’s much to be grateful for.

And yet… Why was I rushing so that I even went into a McDonald’s?–For fast food! Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I notice that along with complacency and routine I also need to watch for overcommitment. For me, I’ve found I need constant vigilance about what I focus on and chose.

Balance?… Balance! I’m hearing that a lot lately. I’ve been facilitating business leadership seminars around the world. Many of the people I’m working with complain about not achieving the lifestyle (work / life) balance they want. They’re not finding the time for some simple things: reading a book, improving their computer knowledge or skills, seeing their son’s soccer game or daughter’s recital. Time with their spouse or friends, hobbies, exercise, proper diet, enjoying nature… They say they’re rushing from one To-Do-List item to the next, 16 hour days, appointments, voice mail messages, email, faxes, schedules, deadlines–STRESS!

Not enough pauses and balance.

How do we deal with change, the increasing rate of change, and organizational and personal demands? Technology was forecast to free up some of our time. That hasn’t happened. With all the new technology and learning we can do more. And faster.My favorite business magazine is called Fast Company. There’s an irony in all this. Sometimes I notice myself speeding up my life and working harder and harder in a futile attempt to buy the time to slow down and enjoy it… Read that again.

Take a Break for Your SELF

Do you recognize any of this? Do you ever wonder what positive surprises might be waiting for you out there? Do you get into routines that seem “normal” and “OK”, rather than great, stimulating or expansive? Do you ever yearn for more balance, pauses, simplicity, and a gentler pace? Or do you ever want to renew your spirit, perspective and childlike enthusiasm? Just once in a while do you want to take a breather? Put some pauses between your activities, soyourlifedoesn’tlooklikethis?

Here’s an inspiring solution!

You may have heard that in 1992 I revived the Wilderness Experience. I did this because I continued to receive requests (and pleased) to do it again. The 1992 seminar was sold out with a waiting list — a big success! The memories are still fresh as the experience is enriched over time. This summer I am again offering the Wilderness Experience. I’d love to have you join us.

For the Experience of a Lifetime

Since 1977 I’ve been conducting seminars of all kinds. This is still my favorite one. I still get letters and calls from participants of previous wilderness trainings. George Martin-Mauser (co-owner of California Wilderness Trainings) was a participant in one of the early wilderness seminars. He recently said to me, “It was my most profound training experience ever. It transformed my life.” If you know George, you know that this is pretty high praise. His own ropes courses are among the very finest offered.

The seminar is conducted in the Sawtooth Mountains and on theMiddle Fork or Main Salmon River in Idaho — five days mountaineering and four days white water rafting. No one else anywhere offers this combination.

“Superbly orchestrated! The guides, the facilitators, the learning, the river, the mountains… magnificent!”

“The Wilderness Experience was so powerful…a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would love to repeat!”

“The best experience of my Life! Wow!”

“I got to such a peaceful, calm, loving and knowing place inside. I felt all my time pressures and stress dissolve. From here my life was in perspective …”

One of the Best Kept Secrets

Experts have said the Idaho Salmon River system is “the ‘crown jewel’ of America’s Wild and Scenic rivers! It is the lifeblood of the 2.4 million acre River of No Return Wilderness, the largest in the lower 48 states.” It is at once stunningly beautiful, challenging, peaceful, exhilarating and fun. And many have described the Sawtooths as one of the most beautiful areas in the United States.

“Little Switzerland”

“Yosemite without people.”

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, a place to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike.”

  -John Muir


“I handle the notes no better than many others, but the pauses–ah! That is where the art resides”

-Arthur Rubenstein, Pianist

“I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don’t have any clean laundry because come on, who wants to be doing laundry on their last day?”

-John D. (Aged 15)