What will I learn?

On this adventure you will learn about river navigation, paddle rafting, river history, mountain skill development, ropes skills, technical mountaineering, camp craft, solo challenges and more. And mostly, you will learn about you. You’ll return with a higher sense of self, greater self esteem, greater clarity and an experience of truly profound joy!

This is not just a backpacking trip, nor just a river trip, nor just a seminar, nor just a vacation. It is all of those — experiential education in nature’s classroom — the best of all worlds. All that you’ve experienced and learned about yourself and life in previous seminars can be multiplied by this combination of seminar and the spiritual grandeur and serenity of nature.

“This was a once in a lifetime peak experience — an experience of who I truly am!”

Yes, you can!

“I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to play and sing and let it all BE that night at the ranch. That was a fabulous moment for me!

-Sandy O.

If you have considerations about your physical ability to undertake the seminar, I can set your mind to rest. We have had people with us over seventy, very overweight people, out of shape people, one recovering from a heart attack — and all could do what was required. The seminar is designed to accommodate any fitness and skill level, from novice to expert. The activities will at times be divided among the group according to ability; whatever your condition, experience or skill level, you will not be alone. And if you want expert challenge, that is certainly available too.

The trip will begin and end in Boise, Idaho, concluding with a memorable banquet dinner celebration and overnight accommodations at one of America’s finest mountain lodges.

The original training has been expanded to ten days. Additionally we continue to add new processes and games as well as some surprises.

I’ve talked with many of you who have said you want to join us someday. Maybe it’s now time for you to vacation with us rather than on “Someday I’ll” (a take off on “Someday Isle”, get it? I know it’s corny, but you get the idea). My grandmother used to say, “There are only two times, now and too late.”.

If not now, when?

If you have passed over too many opportunities … if you are living with regrets about what you’ve missed out on … if you have a tendency to over-think yourself into inaction … PRESS THE BUTTON!  Start the conversation.  See where it leads.

Some of you have heard me talk about not wanting to be at the end of my life looking back with regrets and saying, “I wish I would have… Why didn’t I… If only… It’s too late now…”

If participating in a wilderness experience is something about which you’ve said, “Someday I’m going to do that,” then now is the time! Or you might just find yourself older one day looking back with regrets. That’s no fun.

Saying YES to Life: A Transformational Decision

I’ve noticed that we humans are motivated by “carrots and sticks.” Carrots are more pleasant and fun, but often we don’t move until the stick is flogging us. Sometimes when we get sick and tired of being sick and tired we take the first faith-step toward change.

I met my wife, Keidi, on an Idaho Wilderness Experience in 2011. Keidi is a very creative writer, editor and entrepreneur. Although she’s very coordinated, fit and athletic, she hadn’t been the type to do outdoor activities, camping, hiking or anything more physical than yoga.  I asked her the other day, “Given that, “Why did you come on the trip? That must have been a difficult and courageous decision.”

I wrote down some key words in our conversation, which expanded into a query about where others were before they came on the trip.


Stagnant, Stuck, Routine, Stressed, Stale, Trapped, Zestless, In Transition, Off purpose, Despondent, Listless, Bored, Lethargic, Unclear, Confused, Unclear, Hesitant, Unfocused, Gray, Groundhog Day. Procrastinating. Cautious, Adversity-not dealing with it well

And then I asked , “How would you describe yourself when you finished the Wilderness Experience?” Some of these are Keidi’s and some I pulled from testimonials.


Exhilarated, Renewed, Knowing, Sexual, Enthusiastic, Vibrant, Tuned into Spirit, Intuitive, Excited, Optimistic, Empowered, Confident, Cleansed, Calm, Sense of Accomplishment, Mastery, Fulfilled, Bold, Peaceful, Clear, Healthy, Loving, Loved, Alive, Connected, Trusting, Fulfilled, Joyful, Happy, Rejuvenated, Sizzling with Possibility.

We have a way to pretty much guarantee that you will experience all of the AFTER set.  Please call or email if you are interested, want more information, have questions or just want to chat about the possibility.

Email:  ttillman@227company.com  Call:  +1 805 377-7307

A Vanishing Opportunity

I read three different outdoor magazines and see over and over how man is destroying his home (the nature on planet earth). There won’t be wilderness such as the Sawtooths and Salmon River system available as we have experienced it much longer. Once it’s spoiled, it’s gone. This is happening faster than most acknowledge. Public use of National Forest lands reached 859.3 million visits in 1996, a quantum leap from 240 million visits in 1990. In my lifetime I’ve seen the old growth forests — that were once my playground in my home state of Oregon — disappear (only 5% of them are left!) — 600 to 2,000 year old trees gone!

We are very fortunate to have the Sawtooths and Middle Fork available to us. They’re still a relatively well kept secret, but not for long. The Forest Service tells me that usage has more than doubled in the past ten years. So I figure they’re only available to us in the pristine form we can now experience for another decade or so.

Maybe you’ve read about what’s happening to the Colorado River and Yosemite. It looks like the trend in Idaho is going the same direction. I see these trips as a priceless opportunity.So I invite you to return with us — and bring your friends, and family.

…it was just as much a GREAT adventure as the first time around, only better! ALTOGETHER WHAT A TREAT… only now I want more!

Annalisa G.